triggering midi controller mappings via clips?

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triggering midi controller mappings via clips?

Post by slashsound » Mon Apr 01, 2019 1:05 am

I'm trying to send midi note data in a clip to my launchpad such that it virtually inputs a sequence of button presses, in order to trigger mapped commands in an audio effect device.

i want to be able to manually input commands on the launchpad user-mapped mode, but also launch a clip with a sequence of inputs such that the clip imitates a manual input.

for example I press E3 on the launchpad, and E3 is mapped to a parameter of an audio effect device, but i also want to use a clip to send E3 to the launchpad such that it triggers that mapping upon the launch of the clip.

does this make sense? is there a manner of setting this up natively within ableton live?

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Re: triggering midi controller mappings via clips?

Post by pottering » Mon Apr 01, 2019 1:51 am

Internally routed MIDI can't be used for remote control (MIDI assign).

I think that is because otherwise, if you entered MIDI Assign mode (maybe by mistake) and clicked anything, it would assign all the MIDI that is playing (notes and CC) to that knob, probably destroying your mappings, which would be a disaster if it happened during a live performance.

A workaround is using a MIDI loopback with MIDI virtual cables like Loopmidi, when the MIDI is routed back to Live it is treated as external MIDI from the user. But it can cause problems, like feedback loop. There are reasons Live doesn't allow certain actions, is not arbitrary.

MIDI keys that become part of remote control assignments can no longer be used as input for MIDI tracks ... te-control

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