Omnisphere Changing Volume

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Omnisphere Changing Volume

Post by DataLife » Wed Dec 19, 2018 12:07 am

Hi forum!

When we open sessions with Omnisphere 2 (and sometimes Keyscape), the volume is often much louder or softer than it was when we last saved and closed it. To the tune of about 18db.

- It isn't mod wheel, cc07 (volume) or cc11 (expression), at least from any hardware. Could be expression or volume on the Ableton side.
- it happens even with no MIDI controllers turned on
- it has happened on several sessions
- we're on the latest version of all softwares mentioned

I'm curious if anyone else has this issue. It's so bad that we have to freeze all our Omnisphere tracks when we're happy with it.


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Re: Omnisphere Changing Volume

Post by jestermgee » Wed Dec 19, 2018 1:49 am

Can't say that I have ever had the issue and I use Omnisphere in almost everything I do from the last 7 years.

Can you pretty much guarantee it happens? What you need to do is do a test and check your main levels then save and if it occurs again, try and identify what is being adjusted. I'd hazard a guess that you have some rogue automation in there somewhere being captured into a clip or something.

If you get +18db then I would assume that would easily show on the level meters there so do you notice an increase in the Omnisphere instrument level or just in Live? If it is in Omnisphere then you have something controlling something there which would only be MIDI ore Host Automation. If it appears in Live only then you have something specific with Live

- PC/Os version/specs?
- Omnisphere Version?
- Live Version ?

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