Manipulating MIDI clip playback live - additive process

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Manipulating MIDI clip playback live - additive process

Post by TheVorstandCircus » Wed Jan 09, 2019 1:07 am

Hi All,

Here's what I'm trying to achieve: Playing live, I record a one bar MIDI clip in 4/4, an arpeggio of 8th notes. When I stop recording, it starts looping. So far, all good, and I'm doing that with a combination of Bomes and my Behringer FCB1010 for control.

What I then want to do is alter the playback of that MIDI clip loop live so that I can, for example, get it play the full bar then one particular beat, for example two 8th notes staring at beat two, then repeat. This would create a looping bar of 5/4. Then i'd like to be able to add the full loop plus beats two and three, then repeat, creating a bar of 6/4. If your familiar with Philip Glass, this is one of his main composition techniques.

Ideally, I'd have these parameters set-up and ready to be triggered via CCs from my FCB1010. Using the mouse/laptop is far from ideal.

I've been experimenting with different Max plugins and effects, but can't get exactly the right behaviour. I'm assuming this is definitely a job for Max. I've never built a Max device myself, but will if I have to.

Any ideas?


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