Freeze Function in 5: Linking to Finale?

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Freeze Function in 5: Linking to Finale?

Post by jtenney » Fri Jul 15, 2005 11:32 pm

Hello all--

I have a question about the Freeze function upcoming. I'll probably ramble. Please try to be patient...

Finale, considered by many to be the flagship music notation program (no flames from Sibelius users :wink: ), is about to release a major upgrade. For the first time, its sound output will not be limited to "SoftSynth" or QuickTime audio, but will be tightly integrated with a special edition of the Garritan Personal Orchestra. Since I do a lot of string arrangements, I'm practically salivating...

However, it seems that the GPO is a HUGE ram hog. I'm running a G4 with only 512 mb, and I've been told in the Finale Forum that I'd need AT LEAST 1 gb to do anything at all.

But then I was answered by one "Jetcopy," who wrote as follows after mentioning he had been doing track freezing with GPO:

<I'm not familiar with LIVE, but the concept of freezing tracks sounds like what I do in a ProTools. The ram & cpu requirements of GPO are high. Using GPO Studio & Finale 2005, depending on which instruments I load, sometimes I can only play 2 or 3, other times 6 or 7. But I can't play back any more simultaneously without lowering the sample rate in GPO Studio. By exporting the Finale midi into ProTools, I can load as many GPO samples that are possible before problems occur, I render these tracks into audio tracks. Then I "freeze" the midi tracks with GPO on them. Now the audio tracks can playback easily, and audio tracks use much less cpu/ram than GPO. Now I repeat the process, load new GPO sounds, record to audio and so forth. This is quite cumbersome and not very efficient, but with my current setup, it gets the job done.

If LIVE has a similiar feature, then I think you'd be okay. Do your homework before you buy and you won't get any surprises.>

So, ladies and gentlemen, I'm trying to do my homework. And it will save me from a huge ram upgrade, which I don't want to do just now 'cause I'm thinking of upgrading the computer next spring, right before the Intel changeover begins so I can get a good price (and stay with the IBM chip, since I'm really leery of Rosetta and it's functionality in any realtime music app), and might put an extra gig and a half or so into this new one.

Any ideas?? Can Live 5 help me?



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