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recording Looper into Arrangement

Posted: Sat Jan 19, 2019 11:05 pm
by slatepipe
am i missing something or what don't i get?

i'm recording loops in to Loopers on different tracks by record arming the track, recording the loop in to Looper then leaving it to loop while i then move to another track and do the same

i can't figure out how to record the loops into arrangement as they play, so far i've had to set up extra tracks and have the Looper tracks send their audio to those tracks, that works fine but seems odd to have to do that. or i stop what i'm doing and use the Drag Me function to drop the loop into arrangement that way

what am i doing wrong?


Re: recording Looper into Arrangement

Posted: Sun Jan 20, 2019 1:11 am
by Angstrom
You aren't mistaken there are some major flaws in the Looper implementation. In short: the looper doesn't record crucial parameter movements - so it's not possible to record a perfomance involving that effect device in the same way as with every other Ableton effect device.

You'd think this would be how it should work: Record some audio into an audio clip while the looper device is being used on that channel. Ensure that Live is also recording the Looper parameter changes at the same time as recording the audio. Stop recording and play back the session or arrangement with the audio clip and the looper, we'd expect the Live Set to play back all of the parameter actions and the audio exactly as they were entered - to recreate the performance. Just like when we twiddle a filter cutoff, it plays back at that parameter movement at the right time on the timeline.

That's not what happens.
The Looper does not record or replay many of its crucial parameters. So, if you started the track recording with the looper set at 4 bars, then doubled the Loop length then halved it, then doubled it twice more again ... when the set plays back the looper length will remain constant. it will not reflect the performance of parameter changes. No other Live device behaves this way.
Consequently the simplest method of capturing a Looper performance does not work. We have to make a new audio track for each looper and route into it, and the recording is of the baked-in Looper output.

I've reported this a loooooong time ago. I think it was filed as "not a bug" because it has never been addressed.

Re: recording Looper into Arrangement

Posted: Mon Jan 21, 2019 10:58 am
by slatepipe
cheers, yeah seems very odd that they've done that, i haven't really used it in the past but lately i've been giving it some time and it seems like Looper is a pretty good device on its own but it looks like they couldn't be bothered to finish integrating it properly. i checked the dropdowns for the device in the arrangement view and some automated parameters are there, but not the ones you'd really want and the obvious fact that it doesn't just record itself into the timeline is nuts.