Receive MIDI Program Change from Footswitch

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Receive MIDI Program Change from Footswitch

Post by Journy » Sun Feb 03, 2019 12:38 am


I am guitarist trying to use Ableton for effect switching and more.

I have a GSC-1 footswitch that sends MIDI Program Change events and I like to use these message to automate Ableton Live. I'd like to turn on a track when pressing a footswitch so I tried a MIDI mapping. But Ableton recognizes the Program Change event as "Pitchbend"; however Ableton calls it - it doesn't react on the footswitch.

If I connect a MIDI keyboard instead of the footswitch and do a mapping with MIDI notes, it works. Unfortunately my footswitch cannot send MIDI notes - only Program Change messages.

Can someone help me? Any ideas?

Thx in advance!!!

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