Problem with Mac, MIDI and Ableton

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JE Harvey
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Problem with Mac, MIDI and Ableton

Post by JE Harvey » Sun Feb 03, 2019 5:19 pm

Well, this is very frustrating indeed and I need some help, if possible.

Basically, I use my Mac and Ableton to control my synths. Everything was pretty stable for a couple of years until I tried to install a driver for my Roland System 8 a few weeks ago. I couldn't get the driver to work at all but, worse than than that, the installation of the driver seems to have mucked everything else up. I've since uninstalled this driver.

So, I now cannot access MIDI Studio on my Mac at all and Ableton will no longer start. If I leave Ableton to try and start then it crashes my computer. Ableton stops booting up on the 'Initialising MIDI Inputs and Outputs' bit.

I also get this error message from Ableton;

"Live’s last program run was abnormally aborted while trying to open the MIDI port “Ableton Push 2 (User Port).
This MIDI port will no longer be activated upon startup. In order to reactivate this port, please use the Active Ports list in the MIDI/Sync Preferences."

I get this error message when trying to open MIDI Studio;

"Audio MIDI Setup couldn’t open the MIDI Server so you can’t view or edit your MIDI configurations.
If you recently installed a new MIDI driver, try uninstalling it and then open Audio MIDI Setup again. If Audio MIDI Setup works correctly after that, contact the driver’s manufacturer for further support."

I've removed all of my audio drivers from my Library but the problem persists.

So, I've not been able to get into Ableton for 2 weeks now and am really stuck and it sucks. My Mac freezes all of the time now and crashes every 30 mins or so. I've no idea what to do.

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Re: Problem with Mac, MIDI and Ableton

Post by fishmonkey » Sun Feb 03, 2019 9:25 pm

try disabling all the MIDI drivers in your system: ... -an-update
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