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Can this be done in SIMPLER?

Posted: Wed Feb 06, 2019 4:31 pm
by buckman
I am usually using Simpler with slice mode, but within the same track, i'd love the start point of samples to move (not automated) but moved so item 2 (on the same track) would have a different start point to Item 1?

I cannot see a way around this?

All I have been doing is duplicating the whole track below itself and changing the start point on the 2nd duplicated track?
This obviously means a different track for each different sample (and start point) which can be up to 10 tracks all using the same sample, and then putting these into a Group so that all 10 tracks behave like one, (with EQ, Compression) on the group..

Am I doing this the long way? or can i do this in v10? It seems that the start points is only rememebered by the TRACK and not the different items on the track?

I am still on 9.7.7 until I upgrade, but wondered if this was changed in v10?

A single track but with multiple items with multiple start points would be good