Changing Automation Lines to Shapes without rightclick?

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Razz CE
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Changing Automation Lines to Shapes without rightclick?

Post by Razz CE » Thu Feb 21, 2019 4:22 pm

Here's what I think happened...

Yesterday in a project I was working on I drew some points onto an automation lane, adjusted it a bunch, and then--apparently spontaneously--when I alt+dragged a diagonal line, it was an S curve and not a regular bezier curve.

Is this something new that can be done? Or did I just make some sort of change without paying attention? It just seemed odd because if I'd somehow accidentally made it a sine curve without noticing, I'm thinking the sine "amplitude" would have spanned the whole Y axis of the automation lane. But instead it was a totally straight, diagonal line which changed to a sine instead of a bezier curve when I alt+dragged.
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