Feature request: Make Live more Vienna-Ensemble-Pro-friendly

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Feature request: Make Live more Vienna-Ensemble-Pro-friendly

Post by nonchai » Tue Mar 12, 2019 10:12 am

Vienna Ensemble Pro is an app that acts as a plugin-host "server". It allows those huge plugins that use massive sample libraries such as orchestras - to be held in RAM all the time and accessed via a CLIENT plugin in the DAW - so that one doesn't have to endure the huge waiting times as a sample library loads. instead each project contains essentially only MIDI.

Composers of film music and orchestral music use Vienna Ensemble all the time. They have huge numbers of tracks in their DAW - typically Cubase or Digital Performer - that contain in essence just the MIDI for each orchestral instrument and use a TEMPLATE project containing all the tracks which point to plugins held continually in Vienna Ensemble.

The only challenge is managing huge track counts. And for this Cubase and Digital Performer have track filter and search features so that one can just get to and see those tracks one wants to use.

It would be so cool if Ableton also became VEP friendly and added the same kinds of features for Live.

Here is a CentreCode request.

https://ableton.centercode.com/project/ ... d787098884

And here is a youtube piece describing what Vienna Ensemble Pro does.


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