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Need help setting up LF+12+ with Live 10

Posted: Sun Mar 17, 2019 4:40 pm
by Henry Robinett
I'm sittin' on Ableton Live, wasting time, wasting time. You know the song.

Getting closer, but not there yet. The video youtube tutorials are helpful. But I've hit another impasse. I'm trying to set my midi foot controller up. The problem is it's a little used but very powerful controller. The FAMC Liquid Foot - LF+12+. It's not in the Preferences pane "Link/Midi" drop-down list. And I have no idea what to choose that might fall into a similar camp. To make matters worse I went to my Apple Audio-Midi Set UP and everything changed. NOTHING was connected. HM. Even the audio section was different. The audio port was for my Monitor rather than my audio interface, however everything was working - except for the LF+12+.

When I hit MIDI and the available controllers turn to violet I can't select and edit the midi notes. Although because this is an old file I see how I had inserted some notes before. That's cool.

I just need to select SCENE 1 to start. Give it a control or midi number so I can route that to my LF and trigger it. I have about an hour a day to mess with this stuff. It's turned into 3 and I'm still no further along. Damn.

Re: Need help setting up LF+12+ with Live 10

Posted: Mon Mar 18, 2019 2:48 pm
by Henry Robinett
The Audio-Midi had changed but I got it back. I need to find out how to select or edit a scene to set a IA or step in my controller. When I press MIDI and things turn lavender I can't select the first scene. Help anybody?