Reducing sub woofer (song link included)

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Reducing sub woofer (song link included)

Post by 83bit » Tue Apr 23, 2019 5:50 pm

I’m new to this and I am looking for a way to reduce the subwoofer without changing how my song sounds with headphones, etc. too much (to the degree that this is possible).

The bass line I’m concerned with comes in at 1:03-ish. A bass line also comes in at 0:17 seconds, but I’m not concerned with that at the moment.

I tried a compressor with various settings, and I’ve read the posts at viewtopic.php?t=170938, etc. I want to do this the right way though and I see quite a few different suggestions on that post, but a lot of the posts are focused on kick bass (vs bass guitar, etc.). The song’s sound levels seem OK in headphones, but with a subwoofer the bass line is ludicrous loud. I don’t want to just turn the channel down (much), because I imagine that will drastically change the impact when listening via headphones.

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Re: Reducing sub woofer (song link included)

Post by Fanu » Thu Apr 25, 2019 6:03 am

I wouldn't say that bassline is ridiculously loud.
I'm guessing the subwoofer is turned up too loud; turn it down a bit.

If you want to turn down just the sub in the song, you can, for example, use multiband dynamics to turn down the sub band, compress it…or just turn the bass track down.
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