Gear Recommendation: Keyboard

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Gear Recommendation: Keyboard

Post by penguinpajamas » Sat May 04, 2019 9:11 pm

Hey all! Spent a long time away from the forum, but I'm hoping things are still pretty active here!

Until now, I've been working with a 3-octave microKey from Koirg as my main keyboard. Connection issues aside, I've actually really enjoyed everything about it from the form-factor to the key size and velocity response. I've been expanding my keyboard/piano playing a bit recently and keep finding myself hitting limitations with this keyboard though. Actual physical limitations, as I've been requiring more spread and range with what I've been playing.

This being the case, I'm looking into buying a more proper keyboard! Mostly looking for something with all 88 keys, but I'd definitely love something a little more responsive as well. Weighted keys could be nice, although I'm somewhat on the fence there. A nice to have would be a build in speaker with decent piano sounds so this works independently, but I'll probably be using this for MIDI for the most part.

Any recommendations?


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