Change octave for external synth

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nathan cooper
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Change octave for external synth

Post by nathan cooper » Mon May 13, 2019 5:05 pm

Hi I'm wondering if anyone can help

I have the Roland Boutique D-05 running with Ableton Live suite 10.

Im trying to find a way of changing octaves quickly when I'm playing live and the function in the keyboard itself to transpose requires going in to the menu and using the joystick etc and is basically way too fiddly to do while playing live.

Ive found the pitch plugin in Ableton and this seems to do the trick but the problem is i'm hearing 2 notes ! Im hearing the original audio output of the synth and the transposed octave layered over it ..and i can't seem to turn off the original sound. Does anyone know how i can route the sound so i'm just hearing the transposed sound after going through the pitch plugin.

Any help much appreciated



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Re: Change octave for external synth

Post by TLW » Mon May 13, 2019 7:54 pm

I don't have that synth but running the pitch mIDI effect into my synths or recording its output in another MIDI channel results in only the pitch-changed notes being heard/recorded.

It might be that the synth is doubling the note because it's reacting to both its own controls and the echoed MIDI being sent back to it from a DAW.

Setting "local control" to "off" so it only responds to the echoed MIDI prevents that from happening. Taking a quick look at the D_05 manual, such as it is, that setting is explained in the "function" section of the manual.

Another possibility is that if you're using a MIDI controller (rather than a keyboard that's built into the synth) the synth is for some reason reacting to both the controller and what Live is sending it from the pitch plugin. MIDI track routing that is allowing that to happen can cause this kind of thing, so checking the MIDI track outputs to ensure the controller isn't sending MIDI to the synth by any tear route than through the pitch plugin might be a place to start looking.
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