Dropout External Instrument - Midi over USB

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Dropout External Instrument - Midi over USB

Post by lebasti » Sat May 18, 2019 3:36 pm


I am just building a rather huge set for a liveperfomance with every track in a group. While trying to play the set, i stumbled upon a strange behaviour when sequencing my minilogue xd from a clip. Everytime I hide/show a group, the midi/audio is interrupted for a short time, but only when I use midi over USB. When I use my RME Babyface Midi Out (which is usb, too) all things are going well.

Maybe the problem depends on my USB Hub, where a lot of controllers (Push 2, Launchpad, Launchcontrol, Midifighter, Minilogue) are connected too - the babyface is on its own port.
Anyone can replicate this behaviour?


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Re: Dropout External Instrument - Midi over USB

Post by TLW » Sat May 18, 2019 8:36 pm

Is the USB hub powered from an adaptor or the computer’s USB socket? Strange things can happen if a hub’s available voltage is too low, so if your hub is unpowered it might be worth trying a powered one. I’ve a cheap Amazon powered USB2 hub that handles seven MIDI devices, including an iPad Pro, and without its power adaptor switched on the load is too great for the USB socket and stuff either doesn’t work at all or things keep dropping their connections to the Mac.
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