Accessing the User Library through OSC

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Accessing the User Library through OSC

Post by SoundsMagic » Tue Jun 04, 2019 2:23 pm

Hi everyone,

My first post here, keyboard player who's trying to program a computer based rig using an iPad as main screen.

I'm trying out the touchAble Pro app, but I'm having some troubles with it so I'm looking for alternatives. The main thing I found in it that I need is the ability to browse my User Library for different Live Clips and load them onto tracks. I've been looking into OSC and touchOSC, and I'm planning on using it for clip launching.

But I was wondering if there's a way to also access the User Library via OSC? I've been searching for a while now but can't find anything. I'm totally new to programming, so maybe there's an obvious way to fix this using some sort of coding I don't know about... I'm thinking, "Maybe since touchAble Pro can access the User Library, so can I".

I'm also getting quite used to ClyphX Pro by now, and yes - I could load Live Clips using X-Clips. But I plan to sort my sounds and presets by using Live Clips and the folder structure of the User Library, so having them in the browser would be much more tidy and easy to manage, than to have a template with hundreds of X-Clips ready in every Live Set I create.


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