Absolute beginner having noob questions

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Absolute beginner having noob questions

Post by PSV<3 » Thu Jun 06, 2019 3:57 pm


1) So I have installed the free trial version of Ableton to see if this program is beginner friendly and easy to use. I have reached the "Live 10 Lesson" on "Creating Beats" and I followed it to page 2 where you choose your Impulse instrument and drag it into the first MIDI slot to create you first beats. The first time I did this it worked, (although using the metronome threw me off since the beat does not happen at the moment you hit it) but then I CTRL-Z to undo and try a new beat, and now I can still here the metronome but no sound from the keyboard notes I play. I looked everywhere but I can't see anything obvious that may have been switched off (like a volume or mute button) and trying to delete and re-enter the instrument has exactly the same effect, metronome but no notes, even though I see the beats appearing in the Note editor.

2) Yesterday, when I first tried this section of the tutorial I had no issues with the first MIDI slots I am having today, but when the directions instructed me to "load a Simpler preset from the browser into the tract containing our new clip, and see what happens." so I found one I liked under that file, loaded it in and nothing happened. It wouldn't play. I could still hear the beat clip I had just made, but not the preset I just added.

These are probably simple fixes I just don't understand yet, but I have looked through the help manual and fiddled with the program and I would appreciate it if someone with some experience would point out a few things I could check.

Thanks so much for your time!

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Re: Absolute beginner having noob questions

Post by pottering » Thu Jun 06, 2019 7:58 pm

Assuming "keyboard" means the computer one, maybe you also pressed Z by mistake when using good'ol ctrl+Z?

Z and C change the octaves the computer keyboard plays.

Impulse plays on the C3 octave. if you change to higher or lower it will stop responding.

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