Live performance set with huge track count

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Live performance set with huge track count

Post by lebasti » Fri Jun 07, 2019 1:27 pm


I am building a liveset at the moment where my first try is to copy distilled versions of every song into a big project (each in a group), check out which parts I will play/modify live and freeze/convert to audio the rest. This is working not that bad for the first 5-6 tracks, but I now have like 130 single tracks and the GUI is getting sluggish.
CPU-Performance is not really the problem as I see only 40-60 % of load when performing the set, but my memory load is getting quiet high (10.5 gb at the moment).
I have an 2.8 ghz 2015 macbook pro with 16gb of ram, it handles most tasks fairly well, but this seems to be a real problem :D.

Anybody has experience with this kind of liveset where a lot of tracks are in the set, but only 8-16 are used at the same time?



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