Slice Markers forgotten??

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Slice Markers forgotten??

Post by buckman » Sat Jun 08, 2019 11:09 am

I'm using Live 9.7.7 and use Simpler with its Slice feature a lot.

However when I put a sample into Simpler, and slice, (slice by beat) at say 1/4 division with NO warp, as I like getting unusual loops.

I then move only the start marker (so the other slices move accordingly), then save the project,
When i reopen, the project, the start marker in Simpler is in the same place, but all the slices have gone?

I am pretty sure this didn't happen before as i've used this ''non warp slice by beat" on samples for a while.

Is it a 9.7.7 bug and is fixed in 10.1?

I can sometimes rectify this by hitting SIMPLER's warp button on the off and the markers come back?

Anyone know why this is happening, if you just wanted to slice (and SAVE) a non-warped sample in SIMPLER?

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