Korg SQ-1 problem

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Korg SQ-1 problem

Post by wagnerschuh » Thu Jul 04, 2019 3:32 am

Good night everyone. We have a problem with the korg SQ 1. Ableton is sending MIDI CLOCK via USB to the SQ-1. When we press start button on the SQ 1 it works normaly. When we press start button on ableton, SQ 1 stop sending MIDI notes.

We are using ableton 10.3, instaled on a notebook with windows 10.

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Re: Korg SQ-1 problem

Post by timday » Thu Jul 04, 2019 6:32 am

This is normal with the SQ-1, for reasons best known to themselves Korg do not allow it to send and recieve MIDI at the same time via USB (including MIDI clock).

No. It's not great.

No. I have no idea why.

I get around it by using a Volca Beats, which syncs with Ableton via MIDI in the normal way, to sync with the SQ-1 via the sync ports. Which is easy for me because I have a Volca Beats but may not help you. Alternatives include Korg SyncKontrol (IPhone app which sends sync out the headphone cable, syncs with Ableton via Link), recording the sync signal from the SQ-1 as an audio loop and then sending that via a spare audio out (managed to make this work after a bit of messing about with levels), and as usual someone has built a Max device https://cycling74.com/tutorials/soft-ha ... -sequencer . One of the CV tools might help as well if your interface is DC coupled.

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