The "session record button" turns on by itself..

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The "session record button" turns on by itself..

Post by ShaunTea » Fri Jul 05, 2019 10:56 am

Hi everyone !

Noob question here, i'm doing live looping with push and akai midimix. Here is my routine :
I launch record in arrangement view, switch to session view and start playing, making loops with clips and looper, automating etc...
However a problem that i never encountered before appeared today.

I'm activating the "automation arm" button so that the final mix i export saves all the automation i do during the live, but the problem is that the other button next to it "session record button" turns on by itself after some time so when i turn down the volume of the drum to enter the chorus, the volume goes up again at the end of the drum loop and go down again (the automation is recorded in the loop rather than the whole mix ) sorry if it's not 100% clear i'm french speaking . . .

Any clue how i can fix this ? Thank's a lot !

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