My current project folder and project library are a mess

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Austin Armadillo
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My current project folder and project library are a mess

Post by Austin Armadillo » Wed Jul 10, 2019 3:44 am

Please help, when I save a live set, it immediately shows every project I have ever made in the current project. When I re-open any set, my computer lags like crazy until the project opens. I think the problem is the way I'm saving, I usually just hit save as, name it, and thats it but Ableton has seemingly compiled all of my work into one project? Also, Ableton is saving EVERY take I do with my guitar. Its also compiling every clip I have consolidated. What I want is for all of my projects to have their own current project folder with ONLY the clips and recordings from THAT live set. Also, I don't need to keep all of these trash recordings that Ableton is holding onto. I want to keep what I have on the daw when I save it, I DONT want any of my trash takes that I made during the process. Someone please help I can't find a forum talking about this issue and it takes upwards of 5 minutes to open a project right now and I believe its because my computer is always loading a ridiculously large current project folder. SIDE NOTE, my computer is a fairly new Mac, it runs super fast doing anything except opening an Ableton project. To clarify, opening a project takes multiple minutes, but working on a project is seamless, fast, and virtually problem free. My computer feels brand new until I ask it to load an Ableton project.

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Re: My current project folder and project library are a mess

Post by pottering » Wed Jul 10, 2019 8:41 pm

Ableton sure doesn't "compile sets into one project" without user intervention.

"Just hit save as, name it, and thats it" sounds like you were saving all sets into a single project.

Projects are the folders, .als are Sets (not projects).

To save as a new project you have to select another folder that is not already a Project. ... e-projects

Also, the User Library is already considered a special "project", you shouldn't save Sets inside it (except for Templates maybe).

Though I have a "sketch" project with dozens of Sets and it didn't slow down anything when I load a Set.

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Re: My current project folder and project library are a mess

Post by LOYBOY » Fri Feb 07, 2020 5:55 pm

If you're still having issues, send me a snap at chris-loyboy and I'll help you out.

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