Play audio clip with pickup notes in Session?

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Play audio clip with pickup notes in Session?

Post by markand » Mon Jul 22, 2019 12:41 am

Changed the subject from “How to have audio clip synced to original start position offset”

I have an audio clip in my session that is 3 measures long. The clip start position is 1.4.1 and the loop starts at 2.1.1 with length 2.0.0. So essentially, what I have is a 1 beat pickup phrase and then the main 2 bar loop.

My global quantization is 1 bar and the launch option for the clip is Global. The problem that I'm having is that pickup phrase is starting on the 1 instead of the 4 and therefore the timing of the entire loop is off.

If I change the launch quantization to be on a 1/4 note and correctly switch clips within the 1/4 note time, the timing is correct. However, that's hard to do and sometimes my "pickup" is really more like a 1/16 note.

What I'd like is to configure the clip to launch matching whatever the start is (i.e ?.4.1) of the previous measure to the 1. Is there a way to do that?

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