[HELP] Live 10 'mutes' my audio interface...

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liggy boy 94
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[HELP] Live 10 'mutes' my audio interface...

Post by liggy boy 94 » Mon Jul 22, 2019 11:51 am

Hello Ableton Live users,

Been using Live 10 for quite a while and haven't gotten into this sort of problem before..
So before I begin, heres my quick music production specs
Hackintosh Sierra Version 10.12.6
3.49GHz Intel Core i7
16GB 1600 MHz DDR 3

Audio interface:
Antelope Audio Zen Tour

So what happens is,
when I work on my project (+100 tracks) and hit play when lots of instruments come in, the audio suddenly gets muted.
I see green bar on the volume meter fresh and alive however absolutely no sound comes out from my speakers.

NOT only on Ableton Live 10 but when that 'no audio' happens, it will mute the entire audio that comes out from my computer.
No audio will come out from Spotify, Youtube or what not.

So what I have to do is unplug my Zen Tour and reboot and reconnect. and sound comes back in.

However when I hit that play on the heavy instrument part of my project, it mutes the audio interface again...
It feels like Live 10 gets very unstable and just goes paranoid when it tries to play heavy instrument zone. (won't happen in light instruments zone however if I start spamming play button to stress the CPU overload, it will mute my audio once again...)

anybody has clue?

Please help this brother out..

Thank you people!

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Re: [HELP] Live 10 'mutes' my audio interface...

Post by Lignus » Mon Jul 22, 2019 3:35 pm

Alright so Im the one who posted this post.
For some reason i cant log in with that account so i had to use my friends to post this

*To any Zen Tour / Mac users that might encounter with this problem*

I inquired Antelope Audio and basically what they had me do was to remove the antelope driver and disable automatic driver updates that was enabled originally. So that I could connect Zen Tour with Mac Core Audio(?).
What they pretty much said was that USB dont work that great with Antelope drivers so its better to connect directly using Mac Core Audio. So this solution only applies if you are connecting your device with USB cable instead of Thunderbolt.

Hope somebody find this post useful!

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