Big help needed with Live guys !!!!

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Big help needed with Live guys !!!!

Post by ÅCRE » Tue Sep 17, 2019 3:45 pm

Hi all,

1st of all, English is not my mother tongue so i'll try to be as understandable as i can, so, sorry if my writing is doing your head'in :D
But i definitely need help on this one guys, so thanks for taking some time to read me, i appreciate.
Ok, so ...

I've been using Live for years & i've never had some issues like i do have today.
Live crashes all the time no matter what i do.
It sometimes crashes in use, in a middle of a session, but mostly when i save a project or quit a session.
I've tried every possible solution.

1 : I've reinstalled my O.S (mac high sierra 10.13.6) & Live as well (10.1.1)
2 : i've reset live + i've deleted every Live preference file.
3 : All my plugin are up to date.
4 : I only use VST (both VST 2 & 3) versions of my plugins.
5 : My WAVE waveshell is up to date as well & i don't use the few incompatible waves plugins neither.
6 : My audio drivers (RME) are up to date.
7 : My thunderbolt chassis firmware is updated as well. (akitio thunder quad3)
8 : My universal audio UAD2 Satellite is up to date also & i don't use the LiveTrack function of these plugins.
9 : I set my buffer size to 512 samples, which is pretty decent i guess ...
10 : I have saved the lightest session possible as my template to avoid a huge load on start.
11 : My Cache & Temporary folders are set to an external SSD Drive, different from Library folder, which is set to an other external SSD. (both drives in an external thunderbolt chassis with a dedicated Thunderbolt port on my iMac)
12 : my external SSD's have no RAID settings, just regular external drives. (read & write 550Mo speed)

For me, everything is set properly.

So, the only possible issue might come from :

1 : I have dozen of heavy loaded ALS files in my "User Library". Either as Drum or & Instruments folder.
2 : My "Places" folders contains folders which share the same path as my Libraries. So maybe it is a redundant path that Live can't access quickly enough & then freezes or & quit unexpectedly ? Even though i use 2 external Samsung eve 850 1Tb SSD drives ?

Or, an other reason, is maybe because i have not updated my mac os to a more recent one like Mojave for instance.
My plugins are all updated (september 2019) but work on an O.S too old maybe ?
I haven't updated my mac O.S because protools 2018.12 runs only on High Sierra but not on Mojave, only compatible with Protools 2019 & i have enough with the upgrade price policy of Avid which is just a true rip-off.
So, isn't Live 10.1 compatible with High Sierra ? Or is it from my lastly updated plugins which are not compatible with my mac o.s ?

So guys, any help is much appreciated. Today i feel so frustrated because Live is the DAW i use the most.
I have posted the same thread on an other website, have a look at the screenshots of my settings for more detailed explanations.
Thanks for your time.

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Re: Big help needed with Live guys !!!!

Post by TLW » Tue Sep 17, 2019 5:29 pm

I’m currently running Mojave without problems, though I didn’t have the problems you describe when using High Sierra either. My audio buffer is rarely set above 256 and usually set to 64 or 128 samples (RME UFX connected using a Thunderbolt 2 to Firewire adaptor). I did see Live 10 crashes under High Sierra but the early Live 10 updates fixed that, 10.1 seems stable, at least for me.

One possible crash cause might be a plugin - I’ve found one or two where the VST3 version crashes Live but the AU and VST work without problems.

It might be worth running DIsk Utility’s first aid function on all drives, and checking TRIM is enabled on the system SSD and any Thunderbolt SSDs You can’t switch on TRIM for USB SSD drives, so if you have any it might be worth putting them in a TB case, enabling TRIM and running DIsk Utility on them to sort out any problems the lack of TRIM might have caused, especially if the disk is frequently written to and data on it frequently deleted.

I use a TB SSD for tracking to and as the temporary files drive with the Library on a USB3 attached SSD without any problems. The Library disk contents get added to sometimes, but only very rarely deleted so lack of TRIM (probably) isn’t an issue.

Another thing worth trying is the options.txt method to reduce Live’s load on the Mac Windowserver. For a lot of people, including me, it makes a big difference in the load Live puts on the system - details here viewtopic.php?f=4&t=230967

Ableton really ought to fix this WindowServer issue as it seems to cause problems for a lot of people with Macs.
Live 10.1 Suite, M4L, 2014/15 MacBook Pro 15.3” Retina i7, OS Mojave 10.14.5. RME UFX, assorted synths, guitars and stuff.

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Re: Big help needed with Live guys !!!!

Post by jestermgee » Tue Sep 17, 2019 10:11 pm

Have you contacted support and sent your crash log? Make sure you contact support and not crash logs. They should at least be able to say what the cause of the crash is.

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