Urgent assistance needed (External Audio Effect Device)

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Urgent assistance needed (External Audio Effect Device)

Post by unknowncommunication » Wed Sep 18, 2019 11:27 am

Hi there everyone,

As you can probably tell by the ever-so subtle hint in the subject box, I need some assistance with getting the external audio effect plugin to work correctly.

I am using a 2018 MacBook Pro and a Universal Audio Apollo X6 Thunderbolt three audio interface.

I followed the steps carefully to have the audio going out to the external effect and then coming back into Ableton via the audio interface, but I am unable to get an affected signal. I have checks all the possibilities: malfunctioning external effect and broken cables, but that all checks out.

I was wondering if any kind person put there could give me advice as to how to solve this issue as it is driving me crazy! :o


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