Advanced clip follow action question, help!

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Advanced clip follow action question, help!

Post by Ixtatica » Mon Dec 02, 2019 12:41 pm

Hi. I intend to use Ableton's clip view for quickly arranging and composing songs. I have a great idea for flexibility. I split the list of scenes in sections of 5-"ish" number of scenes, where each section is a section of the song like vers, ref, bridge etc.

Then I use one track with clips that define the length of each section in bars. At the end of these length clips, I have an SYS midi note loopback to Ableton that makes Ableton jump down to the next section (skip a number of scenes).

Each track represents an "instrument" in the arrangement. In a section, I can place one or several clips with different versions of the instrument for that specific section (loops). I can then use the follow action on the clip to have the versions alternate, round-robin, progress etc.

A very flexible and fast way to work, however..

The time it takes to go into each clip and set the follow action at the end of the clip is too long. Are there any methods to shortcut this? Can I save follow action settings and re-use? program keycommands? I always want the follow action to happen at the end of the clip length regardless of how long it is. ... sp=sharing.

Please help!

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Re: Advanced clip follow action question, help!

Post by S4racen » Mon Dec 02, 2019 2:08 pm

You've found the best solution if you're not using MaxforLive.

Follow Actions sit outside of Lives API so you can't control them by MIDI or any other means.

Without native support for Follow Actions for Scenes this'll be the best you can do.


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