Best Performance Mixer?

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Best Performance Mixer?

Post by Loopscious » Sun Feb 16, 2020 5:40 pm

Hey everyone!

I'm looking to add a "performance" mixer into my rig, something that has onboard effects and is playable. Right now I've narrowed it down to the Roland MX-1 and the Behringer DDM4000. Anybody using either and have some thoughts?

Use case: Setting up a DAWless hardware setup for writing / performance, includes
Sample Playback: Octatrack
Drum Machine: Digitakt or TR-8s
Bass / Synth / Lead: Digitone or Analog Four
Other: TB-03 or SH-01A

The setup will have 4 devices in some configuration of above.

MX-1 seems limited on inputs, though the TR-8s / TB-03 / SH-01A could go on the Aira / USB connections.
It just seems a waste of 18 channels when really you're getting only 3 real stereo pairs, and then the digital input which I won't use, and the Aira stuff I'll be forced to use even if I don't want to. (I'm looking forward to the Baseline from Erica Synths for example, but where will that go?)

The DDM4000 really only have 4 stereo channels. I might be able to put something into the mic input (not sure if that's advisable), but 4 pairs of inputs should be fine.

In an ideal world I wouldn't mind a performance mixer with 8 stereo inputs, that would rule. The closest I've found is the Kors Zero 8 and everything I'm reading makes me think that is one to solidly avoid... lots of problems I hear, no support, etc.

Basically I want a setup that goes into a mixer that's playable, with DJ-style effects, stutters, etc. per channel and maybe a global effect (like filter) etc. 4 stereo ins is the minimum. Budget is somewhat of an issue, I could prob save up for something more expensive. But I want to know what's going to be solid first and foremost.

Also it is going to be for home studio use mostly, though in the odd circumstance that I decide to play out it should be able to handle that.

Thoughts? Recommendations? Anybody doing a similar setup -- Hardware jamming? What are you doing for a mixer and effects?

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