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Changing latency within Ableton

Posted: Thu Apr 30, 2020 4:58 pm
by Dallon426
Hi, I am having some issues with ESI U22XT. It seems I cannot change the latency within Ableton, I have to close the program in order to change this.
I emailed ESI and here was their response.

Hi Dallon,

the problem here is that Ableton is still having an audio stream active while you try to change settings – otherwise the message would not appear. Some DAWs like Cubase for instance have an "release driver in background" or "active in background" setting, which would prevent this. Also some DAWs like Bitwig for instance provide the option to change the buffer settings directly inside their software in real time. It seems Ableton does neither, so you could deselect the ASIO device, change the setting and re-select it as a workaround.

We do not support the ASIO control panel functionality since it is interfering with our DirectWIRE support that allows you to use multiple audio applications running at the same time and digitally transfer signals between them.