Preparing a set for performance

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Preparing a set for performance

Post by kebabman » Wed Sep 02, 2020 8:06 am

I'm now at the stage where I am starting to put my finished compositions into session view so I can perform them in a live show.

I've watched various videos on how to chop your track in arrangement view into intro, build, drop, build, outro etc and then paste these into scenes into arrangement view for triggering.

This is electronic dance music using some plug in synths as well as some audio loops.

The tracks are sounding pretty good but I'm sure they could benefit from some pro mastering at some point.

Should my arrangements all be rendered to audio before I slice them up and paste them into session view? Doing this would mean I wouldn't be able to control a filter on a synth for instance. Is it best to render some of the tracks to audio and leave some alone (the synths) so I can tweak them live?

Is the way to do it, render everything including synths to audio and then use Live's effects (filters, delays, beat repeat...) to change the sound of the synth plugins?

Also, how would this effect getting them mastered? Once they're mastered stems, I'm not going to be able to change filters on synths etc. Is mastering really just for releasing a final track? Is it not really worth bothering about if I'm planning on performing live and messing around with effects etc?

Many thanks
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