The stuck controllers issue.

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The stuck controllers issue.

Post by jasper » Sat Sep 12, 2020 9:25 pm

See the blue dotted line?
That's "0"...
It is control #64 (Sustain Pedal) in this case.

But this occurs with Pitch Bend, and all 127 midi controllers.

There is no reason that the Hold Pedal controller should be Stuck in the "ON" position in for the remainder
of working on this project, just because there was sustain pedal somewhere else in this project.

The "Solution Page" for this particular issue, which you are probably about to link me to DOES NOT WORK,
and hasn't worked since the year 2004, when it was first posted it as a "solution" in response to Ableton Live users
complaining about it.

(the one where it says "if you pressed the sustain pedal some time in the past and you don't want it to be stuck,
simply go into every region of your song and draw a '0' in the envelope") <that one. never worked.

Even if that workaround did work, isn't a bit ridiculous to go inside every region of every track and draw a "0"
into each controller envelope because Live doesn't know what that dotted line means?

When the DAW sees the dotted line at "0" it should make the value "0"
The same holds true for all controllers (because this happens to all controllers).

Someone at Ableton support (about 8 years ago) said: "as far as I know, this happens with all DAW's"
It used to sometimes, then ..

"RESET CONTROLLERS ON STOP". <- became the commonly-used Preference in most DAW's.


Since 2004. Think about that. Please just fix it.

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