Problem with Warping a track for a Dj Set

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Problem with Warping a track for a Dj Set

Post by T3kn0l1z4rd » Mon Sep 14, 2020 9:51 am

Hi everybody.

I've encountered a problem while preparing a Dj Set (Trance genre).
I was able to warp correctly all my tracks that I've chosen, except one.
With all tracks I put the marker at the first 0 dB point of the kick and then selected "Warp frome here straight", and everything was fine, all tracks sound at the same tempo, except one.

All other tracks begin directly wit a kick, except that one, that has a 5-6 piano notes before the first kick.
I did the same procedure with the first transient on the first kick, but when I try to mix this track with any of the other in my folder, they play at the same tempo, but the kicks are not perfectly aligned.

Any idea?

Hope I explained myself :D

P.S.= just for uìinformation, the track is: "Goryella - Tenshi (Aerial State 2018 Rmx).

Many thanks in advance for your patience and for your support.

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Re: Problem with Warping a track for a Dj Set

Post by yur2die4 » Mon Sep 14, 2020 3:10 pm

I’d start by warping just a one bar loop and adjusting the markers while it loops, and while trying to match it to a metronome, until it sounds tight. That one bar you loop can be any part of the track, the less busy the better, as long as it has the main beat.

When you have developed a good sense visually of where the markers go to keep it synced, (it’ll also hopefully show you an approximate tempo on the marker at the start of that one bar loop)
You can then try warping it again either by starting at a downbeat somewhere (doesn’t have to be the beginning) and attempting warp from here again (if you start not at the beginning, you can afterwards change the ‘start’ market to be further towards the beginning)


You can use that warped loop as a starting point And then try to extend the loop to be 4 bars and then 8 and 16 bars etc, and gradually get the whole song warped.

There’s one other unlikely possibility. And that would be if all the other tracks are not warped right and that might make it sound ‘off’. Another possibility is that the track you’re trying to use might have a weird swing in it which makes it clash even when it is in sync, or if harmonically/rhythmically it clashes really bad with other tracks.

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