Help with AKG Lyra Mic Input with ASIO Audio Driver

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Tall Paul
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Help with AKG Lyra Mic Input with ASIO Audio Driver

Post by Tall Paul » Mon Sep 14, 2020 11:11 pm

Just installed AKG Lyra USB microphone on my windows 10 laptop PC. It came with Ableton 10 Lite which I also installed. I installed ASIO4ALL drivers so I could get rid of latency. My problem is that my AKG Lyra microphone works fine through the PC, but once I try to use it with Ableton, I only can use my embedded PC microphone when I use the ASIO audio driver. Under hardware setup, ASIO shows both mics. Under input setup, I created mono inputs 1 & 2 as "AKG microphone".

When I use the MME Audio driver, I can select the AKG mic and it works fine with Ableton. When I select the ASIO audio driver the AKG mic will not work. That is the problem that I am fighting. Any ideas anyone?

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Re: Help with AKG Lyra Mic Input with ASIO Audio Driver

Post by jestermgee » Tue Sep 15, 2020 2:44 am

USB mics are not ideal for this exact reason. They are "convenient" for streamers and video production stuff.

The issue is that the ASIO system is designed to offer low latency performance by bypassing all the windows mixer stuff and offering a simple 1:1 connection between an audio program and the audio hardware.

The issue you have is you have Live on 1 side and the audio interface on another so that is your 1:1 connection but then you want to connect in an additional audio device and mix that in too which will not work, the driver then needs to talk to 3 devices at once which is not ASIO.

The normal way of working with this kind of setup is a proper audio interface that has the mic inputs that can be sent into the DAW and then receive audio back from the DAW. If you want to work "non traditionally" and cannot make Asio4All bend things for you then you need to use the shared audio drivers in windows and deal with latency.

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