Logic, Cubase , Pro-tools , etc.....

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Logic, Cubase , Pro-tools , etc.....

Post by xxx » Sun Jan 26, 2003 8:42 pm

hi there , me and my band just want spend some money in a good sequencer/ recorder music
production system , i think we are doing some interesting stuff and don´t wanna wait
till someone be interesting in us, we wanna do it ourselfs,
( the punk attitude is now exploding, the do it yourself thing) , i think it is the way most
bands are doing it now, so we are searching for information in what could be the best choice
for us ( maybe this could be a litlle subjective matter..), we are reading in the net trying to
see the good and advantages of the diferent Tools that exists.. so i thought posting in
some foruns to see the reactions of people that have been working whit this for a long time,
this is just a way to of help in finding our answer in what could be a good choice whit not
regreats of the money we will spend..

have no idea of what professional studios use , visiting each sites of this kind of Tools, each ones point
known artists that work whit them, ..but for us that not really important, we just wanna
a good sound quality ( maybe this as more to do whit the sound system and the sound card), good
recording system,good file Editing system,and something thas helps creativity,.. we ain´t try demos yet ( slow net connection),
just see screenshoots , i believe if one of us goonna spend a lot time in front of a screen the simplicity
and a good design will be important too...

..so.. that´s all ..if anyone want to talk us about their experience and try to point us " the way"
for us.. we will apreciatte..., refer those 3 cus is what people are talking more in the
net, don´t even know if there are others that we should consider too.....

thanks.. see you in a next doubt.....

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Post by borg » Mon Jan 27, 2003 11:14 am

you can't go wrong with any of these three if you have a good soundcard (i'd say creamware or RME, or protools if you got the cash).
protools is dead easy for recording audio, logic is the pro's sequencer, cubase has made millions happy, but also a lot of muso's pull out their hair. logic is said to be diificult to dive into. cubase has better midi functions, ...
some say logic sounds better,.........

not to discourage you, but it took me two years to decide what to buy. i'm happy now with a set of pulsar cards and cubase 5.1 on a mac, and Live on a pc laptop (no soundcard yet, but looking forward to get me a creamware NOAH)

it would help if you'd be a bit more specific. what do you wanna do? record live drums too? just audio? midi? ...

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