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Post by dusty4444 » Sat Oct 17, 2020 12:37 pm


Sorry if this is a Noob question. Ive been producing for a long time I would still say Im a noob compared to others . So with that said I still having
a bit of issue Grasping EQINg. First this post is a bit of a mix of questions .

1.) Im trying to EQ a PLugin called Twist when I turn down the LP filter, about midway it gets a nasty frequency. Do I just throw a EQ 8 on there and make a really small peak with low Q, and scroll through the frequencies to find it, then notch it ? Its kind of seems hard to find but I think this would be the correct way of getting rid of that.

2.) Im trying to EQ the Twist, a Grand Piano and a pad on the Tyrell. Man this is hard. So I tend to go the Noob route and use alot of side chaining. So my question is how do you EQ those three sounds without it sounding so notched or small. For example I dont know what what frequency To give each instrument so they have their own space , and once I do give it their own space I still want it to sound full and not like Filtery or notched. Also one thing I do know is sometimes a volume fader is where you should start and I do . Does that make sense. How many side chains can you use? I may lean on this too much but it seems to help with prioritizing your sounds.

3.) I put Mono on my Drum track buy only the kick and also my vocal sample. Not even sure why I do but just trying it out as it seems a lot of people do this. How do you know when mono is engaged.? Which option should I choose? ( see pic below)


4.) the ableton had a Vocal processing rack but it seems 10 doesnt.what do people use to process vocals ? :)

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