Quirky sound problems

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Quirky sound problems

Post by nobadmojo » Sun Oct 18, 2020 5:24 pm

Hi I am transitioning from Studio One to Ableton Live 10 Lite latest version and mostly enjoying the ride, but have some odd sound issues.

My laptop has sufficient resources and I;m not having issues in Studio One. Win10Pro. Using a Pressonus usb96 audio interface

So far my issues are with opening and closing things - sometimes doing that will trigger a sound from one of the clips...weird. like if i close a plug in, some random sound will play. if i load a scene sometimes it will just play on its own

I like using UJam PHAT for drum clips...those seem to record fine, but when I play them back, they dont perform consistently. Sometimes they play back properly, sometimes only the kick and snare play but not the ride, sometimes the 'follows' i have set up will work and sometimes they just loop..

Thats enough for now. Is it possible my audio interface is causing these types of behaviours.?? I;lve had odd problems with this device in the past. I dont mind throwing money at a new one, but obviously dont want to throw money at it if it wont fix these issues, As I said all seems fine in Studio One and I tried the Mixcraft trial and that actually worked flawlessly. I cant think of what else it could be

anyone? this is weird

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