Project Crashing

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Project Crashing

Post by aklisiewicz » Mon Oct 19, 2020 6:13 am

I have several iterations of the same project. Today it started crashing. What is wired is that I have not added any new instruments, nor recordings. I just added / recorded some automations into tracks. When I open it click play it plays about 4 bars then stops. When I try to save it it crashes, and it also does not respond to play/stop etc.

This similar behavior applies also to some of my other projects. When this starts happening I usually save the project under new name and in some cases new version works with no problems. This last one does not however. Also when I open it and immediately try to click STOP it freezes, then crash. Any idea how to troubleshoot it ?

Live 10 latest/Win10-Pro (plenty of RAM and HD space)

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