Problems with KK Keyboard

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Problems with KK Keyboard

Post by aklisiewicz » Sun Oct 25, 2020 5:15 am

Since some time I have very wired problem which I kinda narrowed down but still have no idea how to resolve it.
I have MK1 (61keys) KOMPLETE KONTROL keyboard.

One of the keys on my keyboard (I think it is D6) got assigned some CC note which in turn activates the LOOP button. This key another words becomes a key-switch. I do not see any setting or anything that could cause this. Basically keyboard becomes useless (not being able to play one key).
This happens the moment I open LIVE blank project. I was thinking if this could come from Live blank project template, because until LIVE project is open this key has no assignment. If so how can I reset this ?
I have also reset the template to the factory settings and removed midi track so not when I start NEW project only one audio track shows ut, but despite of that after 1-2sec the keyboard gets this key assigned somehow...

I noticed also that this wired key gets assigned when I play with settings in Preferences. The moment I assign second slot for KK-MK1-DAW this gets screwed up..

I tried to open the keyboard editor but I do not see anything assigned in the editor either.
Any ideas ?

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Re: Problems with KK Keyboard

Post by jestermgee » Sun Oct 25, 2020 8:58 pm

Have you checked the midi assignments in live by pressing CTRL+M for anything assigned?

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