Sends within groups mixing question

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Sends within groups mixing question

Post by dominicw78 » Thu Oct 29, 2020 11:08 am

If you have a bunch have tracks that you wish to group and they all have different sends active (reverbs etc) and different amounts on the sends, how might you manage this with regards to once they are grouped?

Is problematic to add eq, comp etc and adjust to this group that contains all these tracks with differing sends?

From my experience it can be as hard to keep a track of it all and sends can end up being louder than expected etc and makes mixing confusing, but I'm wondering if this is something that is commonly done or if there's a good way of going about it?

For instance I'm doing a mix and would like to be able to group all the leads together that have differing sends and apply an eq to that group and potentially alter volume. This would be a huge time saver! To note - all these tracks already have their own individual eq on them, the group eq would be secondary.

However I find myself hesitating and thinking best practice instead to add that second eq to every single track individually and avoid using groups that have tracks with differing sends within them. Is this right?

Love to know what peoples thoughts are on this and how they handle this situation!

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