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Exporting Similarly to Ozone using Live 10

Posted: Wed Nov 11, 2020 9:16 pm
by spanktron
Hello everybody.
Hope you are doing superb and healthy.

So my issue is that while i love Ozone`s workflow and most of all the Exporting functionality , i hate the instability and crashes of the Ozn 9 Adv Standalone Application when used with 3rd party plugins which transformed it to a no go over the years.

So now i am (for now) mastering in ableton cause ,,, well it is the most stable software i own and know how to work with to a level
where i can have some fun.

Obviously i dont know everything about it so i need some opinions.
The big advantage in Ozone is that no matter how many tracks you import and work with , only one plays at the same time.
Meaning you just drag 10 tracks inside Ozone and they are simply there. "you can do this in Live" one might say.
The difference to Live is that in Ozone because you only hear only a track at a time, all the effects that are on the other tracks not playing
are Off so you only have the Cpu hit of the one track and its effects playing. In order to achieve this in Live and also be able to jump back-forth in the Track is to arrange them in the timeline so they dont overlap.
I find this a pain in the b.. and would LOVE if someone has a better solution.

Then when i want to export all tracks (say an Ep or Album) i have to do it manually and individually in Live. Then i end up with
tracks with the length of all tracks aligned in the Timeline combined or i have to do one by one, choosing the Time area each track occupies. (as i said, i might be wrong. actually i hope i am wrong) while in Ozone i just choose "export all tracks" and ... that was it.

Is there a similar solution to the workflow of Ozone one can achieve in Live without huge workarounds?
If not in Live , is there another compareable Daw, App , whatever, that can achieve this kind of workflow that Ozone has?

Am not talking about possibilities rather than the Import->Triggering One track and its effects at a time-> Export tracks

Are the other "Players" able to provide a similar workflow to Ozone? 3rd party support would be mandatory ...

So i thought of other options such as:
Wavelab Pro
Dsp Quattro

Any information would be very much appreciated.
Forgive my mediocre English and my inability to use fewer words.