Midi Mapping Feature Requests!

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Midi Mapping Feature Requests!

Post by mordecaipdx » Fri Feb 12, 2021 10:16 pm

It has been my dream as a producer for a long time to be able to speed up my workflow by allowing myself to map to a midi controller these features in live:
legato toggle, duplicate region toggle, half tempo, double tempo, reverse, and inverse functions.

It would also be highly amazing if it would be possible to map to a midi controller a single action in which I could select a series of midi notes and then press a button and have all the velocities randomized or set to a specific target value similar to how the quantize window has the potential to operate in percentages in Live.

Toggling live midi quantization (played-in on a controller) on and off via a single button on a midi controller would also be amazing.
Also, being able to midi map specific subdivisions would also be highly helpful (i.e. 1/8th, 1/8 trip., 1/4 note, etc...) instead of having to cycle with cmd+1 or cmd+2.

Also, being able to toggle opening and closing a plugin like a loudness meter on your master with a midi button instead of navigating with a mouse would be amazing. Also, the ability to leave a plugin open in a session (like a loudness meter on an external screen for me) consistently would be amazing.

Those are just some of my desires with midi. Batch exporting multiple tracks for mastering, matrix mixing capabilities, more advanced routing capabilities, and more advanced region editing would also be high on my priorities for integration into Ableton.

I love the workflow in Ableton. But, there are certain advantages that other software like Reaper has over Ableton at the moment in terms of midi programming and sequencing. I feel that if Ableton had these functions it would be the #1 industry leader as a production tool. Live already corners the market on live performance DAWs and as an indeterminacy/chance/randomness tool. Also, as I write this it is near the beginning of February 2021 and I am greatly looking forward to the new feature sets of Ableton 11 Suite especially the new Comp/Takes/Lanes feature, batch editing, and the addition of 16 macro knobs and snapshots! Hoping that the new instruments and packs will be worth their weight in DSP as well!

Thank you for reading this if you have done so! I'd recommend reaching out to Ableton with your critique's as well in their customer service center as they have a specific option for Feature Requests which may likely just be a hyperlink to a trashcan. But, we can dream right?!

Links to technical support here: https://help.ableton.com/hc/en-us/reque ... _id=127269

and here: https://www.ableton.com/en/contact-us/

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