No sound in headphones on Mac

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No sound in headphones on Mac

Post by Gormo111 » Mon Feb 15, 2021 1:53 am

Hey guys,

So i just got a brand new Mac Book pro (I had a 2015 model before) and I can't seem to get the headphones to work in Ableton. Audio comes through fine out of the Macbook speakers and my scarlett focusrite (which is unplugged at the moment), but not the headphones. I have gone in and selected 'External headphones' in the 'Audio output device' so Ableton is recognizing the headphones are plugged in. But no sound.

I also tried some stuff from another thread where you go into Mac's 'Audio MIDI setup' and create a Aggregate device with headphones and Mac speakers selected but no luck. Also tried creating a 'Multi-output device' there too. Both are being recognized in Abletons 'Audio output device' selections but when i select them the headphones are still quiet.

Never had this problem with my old Mac.

Any ideas? Am i missing something really obvious here or what? haha.

Thanks for the help in advance guys.

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