Hardware insert(external audio effect) export hiccup? Cpu dropout

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Hardware insert(external audio effect) export hiccup? Cpu dropout

Post by Artcutech » Tue Feb 23, 2021 6:46 pm

Whenever I export with hardware inserts(external audio effects), right away I always get a cpu dropout upon first real time export, I cancel then try again and it’s all good. But yesterday working on a track and did a real time export, got 1 immediate dropout, I canceled and tried again, it seemed to be all good no dropout but one of my tracks, a hit hat was lagging on the first note, was obvious as it’s a hi hat under a kick. I couldn’t for the life of me get it to catch on the first note. Clearly not the biggest problem but never had this happen before.

If I didn’t export in real time and just hit play it would catch for some reason, also disabling the hardware inserts and normally exporting also allowed for it to catch. This track had already been exported in real time with all three hardware inserts a couple days ago and the hi hat was present no problem.

I restarted my computer, iMac Pro Catalina. Live 10, reopen arrangement and real time export for 1 immediate cpu dropout, cancelled, the tried again and it worked, the hi hat track was present on the first note again.

I never would mind the 1 cpu dropout upon real time export before as I would cancel and go again and everything seemed to be fine after, but it seemed like live was acting a lil different/responding a lil bit slower even after the 1 cpu dropout and was causing the problem.

So now i want to get to the bottom of why the 1 cpu dropout always occurs in general, but to a broader point maybe why my computer on Catalina and live 10 is acting up? Someone in a another thread mentioned how live 10 was acting strange for them and they’re upgrading to 11, basically I don’t need live 11, but if there’s any improvement in regards to how real time exports behave where I don’t have to worry about 1 cpu dropout always happening before trying again, and peace mind where every real time export now I’ll have to double check and listen that everything is catching I wouldn’t mind upgrading.

Interface is an Apollo x6.

Basically wanted to know if any of you have been having any similar issues with hardware inserts-real time exports-live 10 in Catalina(or any) lagging?

The is the first time i’ve ever had such issue, I always speak so highly of Ableton and its pin point PDC and how start to finish full maxed out arrangements with midi/audio sends, routing after routing:busses, hardware inserts lines up perfectly, and I think everything is still as such, but for whatever reason something was causing live to act a lil differently, like when it goes 10 seconds to let all effects become silent(skip) prior to real time export just wasn’t as responsive.

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