Is anybody using an iBook + Live2 + Reason ?

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Is anybody using an iBook + Live2 + Reason ?

Post by grostatej » Thu Jan 30, 2003 9:46 am

I have just purchased Ableton Live2 and an M-Audio Duo USB interface and also an Oxygen 8 Controller to use with my iBook (G3 600mhz - 640mb Ram) and a 40Gb Firewire Drive + reason 2. Still waiting on delivery of this kit but just wondering if anybody has a similar setup and is getting good performance out of both Live2 and Reason2. I tried the Demo version with an iMic interface (which did'nt work too good for recording my guitar) and Reason 2, all seems not too bad but hoping that with a Duo interface and running OS-X Jaguar that I could record say 16 tracks of audio (guitar and Vox) plus have a nice size rack within reason.
Any info would be appreciated. I did order an Mbox but changed the order at the last minute in favour of Live2 and M-Audio setup (was that wise ?)

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Post by tjwett not logged » Thu Jan 30, 2003 12:44 pm

You should get decent peformance but I wouldn't count on 16 stereo tracks. Maybe half that plus a single ReWire channel from Reason without too much in the rack. And maybe even less than that. The FireWire HD sort of helps and hurts at the same time. They can tend to bog down the CPU alot. So the gain you get in disk access is sometimes negated by the CPU usage. Basically, you may get less tracks but they will perform better. If you want to up your track count consider using OS 9, at least in the studio. It's much faster, however the lame stability would make Jaguar pretty necessary for live performance. Hope that helps. Enjoy all the new kit!


Post by Guest » Thu Jan 30, 2003 7:12 pm

so how many tracks would be possible with the new 12" powerbook then? and the same set up?

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Post by jory » Thu Jan 30, 2003 8:32 pm

That's really hard to say. There are so many variables. If you are running reason at the same time as live, the reason rack is going to eat a lot of CPU, especially if you have a few Malstroms running. Where you are really going to hit the wall is with plug-ins (especially Reverbs) in either program. Having an external drive will help alot though.

I don't think anyone has ever been able to answer the "how many tracks can I get with setup X" question, even it gets asked constantly. There are too many variables to track. I'll put it this way. I have an iBook 600mhz and I rarely hit a wall with it while performing live. I am usually running reason in rewire, but just with one or two instuments in teh rack to play live synth over my sequences. Now if I want to do heavy recording, I use my G4 tower then optimize the song (applying effects to the loop file for instance, rather than affecting it in real time) and bring it to my iBook.

As they say Your Mileage May Vary.

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