Syncing Longer Pieces (configuring tempo)

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Syncing Longer Pieces (configuring tempo)

Post by guvnorbeats » Thu Jan 30, 2003 3:02 pm

I may have found a small bug, or maybe I'm just doing this wrong:

but when I follow the new 2.0 manual's suggestinos for "Syncing Longer Pieces" under the Setting Warp Markers subheading, I cannont get the clip tempo to match the project tempo.

I can manually set it, but I was trying to understand where I went wrong getting Live to do this for me . . .

the manual / help file says
"Play the unwarped clip, with everything else muted, and tap along with the beat for a bar or two. Tapping sets the Live Set's tempo without affecting the unwarped clip's playback speed; tapping along with the unwarped clip syncs Live to the sample's original tempo."

ok fine.

then it says, "Now turn on the Warp switch. Note that the original tempo field shows the same value as the Control Bar's tempo field. Live has used the current song tempo as a guess for the sample's original tempo."

this does not happen. the clip retains whatever tempo setting was there before.

Any ideas on this? or is it a bug to be fixed later?

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