Any word on the release of 2.0.3?

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Post by ZeroAltitude » Sat Mar 08, 2003 5:26 pm


This is to Monolake, and everyone at Ableton: There is a difference between appreciation and suggestion. I can disagree with some of the things you do, and I can have suggestions, all the while, appreciating the vast majority of what you do.

And this is the case for me. As I said in my original post, I think that Ableton's product is terrific. Live is truly innovative, and it is all I really use to lay down my personal visions expressed in music. I have said all this before in other posts, I think, but I will amplify my eternal gratitude here, lest the fact that I disagree about some things be interpreted as a lack of appreciation. Which would be a shame, because untrue.




Post by monolake » Sun Mar 09, 2003 9:38 am

Thanx ZeroAltitude,
i appreciate your support. ( I appreciate the support of everyone here at the forum !!!) Sometimes it`s not easy for me to find a good balance between personal involvement and the necessery professional distance and wisdom. Enough words are spoken on this topic.
Have a nice sunday.


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