Upgrading the Pismo, 512mb - - -> 1024mb Ram. Any Good?

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Upgrading the Pismo, 512mb - - -> 1024mb Ram. Any Good?

Post by Guest » Fri Mar 07, 2003 5:36 pm

Steve J appeared in my dream last night :oops: , and told me about the possibilities for my bargain-bought pismo (He's been showing up ever since I did the switch, which I don't regret, even though my Wintel friends actually can use first class reverb):

- You know, he said. Now you can upgrade your Powerbook G3, to a G4.

- Yeah, I said. But my favorite app don't have any support for the altivec-floating-point- calculation-techie-thing. Anyway, haven't seen these upgrades in Europe. So why bother?

- But you know, Steve continued. I sold you a laptop that's capable of 1 GB of RAM, and that's sounds groovier than 512 mb, no?

So, I'm wondering if someone's got any experience with RAM upgrade above 512mb? Does it groove? More presicely: Will this improve my pismos audio performance, or will it just fill up my ego.

I just want things to be a bit more snappy, without spending to much.

(powerbook G3, 400mhz, with external icecube harddisk)

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