Recommendations on what interface to buy...

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Recommendations on what interface to buy...

Post by Slickie » Sat Mar 08, 2003 7:12 pm

my setup: OS10.2 G4 1 gig ram running reason.

hardware: mackie 1604 16 channel mixer with adat lx20 and other outboard effects.

I want to stop using the adat to record - buy live, rewire reason to it and record all my guitar, vocal etc parts to the computer - however I still want to use my mixer to mix. Is this even possible and if so do I need something like the motu 828 that has 8 in 8 out? Is this a bad idea? I just love my outboard gear and mixer and hate to render it useless but I really need the flexibility of computer recording. I want to go with live cause it seems fairly basic, reasonbly priced and has osx and rewire support.

I just do home recording by myself and just do one track at a time - so I was considering the quattro as an interface but I really want to keep my hardware in the deal so what interface is recommended? the mackie has mic pres so it is not imparitive that the interface has them although an 8in 8 out probably will.

I have never done computer audio recording (always been hardware based) so I really dont totally know what I am looking for although I am farily sure I want live for the software and I THINK I still want to use my mackie to mix.

someone please steer me in the right direction

thanks all

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Post by Spacerboy » Sat Mar 08, 2003 8:14 pm

maybe quattro is the best solution in low price...but are there any known troubles if you use quattro and oxygen at the same time...2x usb...?

cheerz, cc
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Post by » Sun Mar 09, 2003 6:40 am

i never ran into a problem using the quattro and the oxygen8, however I will say this:

Quattro is a great device, but the installation is TRICKY and BUGGY.

My computer will uninstall (or not recognize) the drivers for the Quattro if I plug it into a different USB port than the one I installed it on!

That is the only problem I've ever had with it, so otherwise it is a great device.


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