i trust the live forum crew to recommend a synth!

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Post by wavejumper » Thu Dec 22, 2005 9:23 am

dirtystudios wrote:My biggest gear regret was selling my Nord Lead 2. That thing was a beauty.

another vote for the nord here. I will be buried with my nord rack 2 under my feet. simple to use, i've owned one for three years and still get surprised by it. love the way you can tweak it quickly to get your basic tone and then delve into the amp and filters and midi assignments to further sculpt, very satisfying. only used a Automat softsynth, and while i liked the sounds I find the patch creation tedious, you need a good dedicated interface. best soft synths are the simple ones, something like the ABL or the microtonic(which is a drum synth but really good fun to use a bass or lead synth). if I had to buy anoither synth, definitely the jp8080, same league as the nord for fun of use...

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