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Slice/join clips

Post by quandry » Thu Mar 20, 2003 11:14 pm

My current workaround to the lack of a suitable live looping function is to use a Berhinger FCB 1010 to start and stop the master record (and individual track monitor switches) to record bass and key loops to individual tracks in looping mode. I can usually get a solid loop, but there is often a tiny slice of silence between when I hit the pedal to stop recording and the end of the loop section. Or I'll record right trough the end of the loop, over some of the onld begining of the loop (helpful when I mess up) and stop recording somewhere in the middle or the loop. I want to be able to:

in the first scenario add a little bit of silence at the end of the loop to fill out the loop region, so I can then duplicate it many times, tun off the loop mode, and kick it to my drum tracks that are many times the length of the loop.

in the second scenario splice the two pieces of loop together, then duplicate like case 1. A splice function (opposite of split) would be awesome for that situation.

Or maybe someone has a better solution to live loop instruments to a loop region, starting and stopping automatically at loop endpoints, no reliance on tap dancing mastery and precision.



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